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Kingston Park Coastal Reserve

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The Kingston Park Coastal Reserve is such a beautiful location. With the Brighton Caravan Park and Seacliff Surf Club on one side and the Marino Coastal Trail walking trail on the other, the surrounds are just beautiful. Kids will love exploring all around the park, and although the playground equipment itself is relatively small, there are tennis courts and plenty of large play spaces to investigate and enjoy. This really is the perfect place for a birthday party, Easter Egg event or Christmas get-together.

Kingston Coastal Reserve

In front of the playground is the southern end of Seacliff beach and this is THE BEST place for kids to search rock pools, discover sea creatures and jump from rock to rock- basically they will have an absolute ball!


  • Burnham Reserve, Kingston Park


  • Bbq and eating area (under shelter)
  • Playground
  • Huge grassed areas to play and explore
  • 2 public-use tennis courts
  • Toilets (no baby change facility in toilets)
  • Native Spring
  • Close to the beach

Things to note:

  • The playground is not under shade cover and it isn’t fenced. However, the car park and road is quite far from the playground.
  • The Marino Rocks Cafe has absolutely to die for fish and chips and isn’t too far away (head south from the playground), and just to the north (through the caravan park) is the Seacliff Surf Club.
  • There is a small food truck just next to the caravan park (about 100m away) that serves toasted sandwiches, coffee, icecream and drinks.
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