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Kingston Lions Park Playground Kingston SE

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Image credit: Kingston District Council

Fully fenced, surrounded by grass and located near shops for a food or drink. The Lions Park in Kingston SE is either a great spot for a play if staying in Kingston or a great place for the kids to have a run and play if on your way further down the South East. The play equipment is great for a range of ages. It features 2 slides. One for the little ones and a curly slide for a bit more excitement for the early school aged kids. Of course our 18 month old preferred the more exciting one!

The play space has quite a few climbing pieces to challenge older kids. A solid climbing frame, a miniature rock climbing wall, stairs, poles and climbing chain frame. It features a few games such a noughts and crosses along with some imaginative play areas. You will find a seesaw for the toddlers along with a swing set including a baby swing.

Lots of open grass, toilets and shade this is a great regional play area. We used it for a lunch and play spot on our way to Robe but it is great if you are staying in Kingston. We enjoyed a coffee from the local coffee shop Bliss and lunch from the bakery after a visit to the Big Lobster.

Kingston Lions Park is located on Hanson St near the Jetty area, Kingston SE.

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