Winter is here. In case the rain, wind and cold weather weren’t indicators enough, perhaps it’s the runny noses that give it away? Here are some great tips for getting through winter with young kids.

  1. Vicks on feet, with socks on top. Vicks is not just for the chest, it’s great for the feet too! You can use this tip for the entire family- we do!
  2. Nosefrida Snot Sucker. Get rid of baby nasal conjestion quickly with the snot sucker. Sounds gross, is a bit gross, but works brilliantly! Get one here
  3. Warm wheatbag on the mattress. When breastfeeding a baby in the middle of the night, there’s nothing worse than having them wake up from a feeding slumber when you put them back onto a cold mattress. Try putting a warm wheatbag on their mattress while you’re breastfeeding, then taking it off (obviously!) when you put them back in. Baby bliss.
  4. Humidifier. These are great for when your children are super blocked up, or have a dry, hacking cough.
  5. Eat lots of fish. Try topping up your children’s Vitamin D with some great dishes of tasty oily fish.
  6. Install smoke alarms. My husband is paranoid about fire safety, so we have these in literally every room of the house (luckily we have a small house!). These really are a must, but particularly during the winter when you’re more likely to have heaters on to keep the children toasty and warm.
  7. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It may be tempting to cosy up with your youngsters and mugs of hot chocolate or baby chinos. This is fine now and then, but make sure you ensure they are drinking lots of water too. This is not only good for maintaining good health, and helping fight of flu, but it’s also good for your dental health!
  8. Moisturise. Children’s skin can get quite dry during the winter. Endless hand washing and exposure to the wind can lead to cracked skin. Try moisturising a couple of times a day if possible. We usually only manage to do this after a bath, but it’s a nice way to connect with the kids and keep their beautiful skin soft. We love Four Cow Farm’s range of gorgeous natural, organic skincare.
  9. Exercise outside whenever possible. In Australia, despite us feeling like our winters are horrendously cold, there’s actually nothing better than heading outside in the winter months and enjoying the crisp, biting air. It does something for the soul, and it’s particularly refreshing at the beach or up in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. Exercise will keep the kids fit, healthy and, most of all, tire them out so they sleep well!
  10. The elbow sneeze. Model to your kids how to sneeze and cough into their elbows to limit the spread of germs.