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Kapunda Lions Park

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50 meters from the main street is a gem for children’s entertainment in Kapunda.

This fully fenced playground facility has been well thought out in its design.

Standing proudly in the middle is Leo, the train. An old steam engine from the copper mining day of the town. There is also seating and a pergola, which is very popular for parties.

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There are two playgrounds, one for the little kids, and one for the bigger kids. For me, a mother of an 18-month-old, this is a perfect set up, except for the fact that little miss loves to go on the tilt whizzy, my little thrill seeker.

Bathroom with disabled access and baby change room facilities are also in this huge enclosure, and well maintained.

The only downfall is that there are no cooking facilities.

If you are travelling North, do your family a favour and stretch your legs here! The locals are very friendly too!

Big thanks to @winelovermother (best Insta name ever) for this review.

Kapunda Lions Park
Where: 23-27 Hill St Kapunda

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