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K-12 Inclusion Challenge

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Every child deserves to be included!

The K-12 Inclusion Challenge encourages kids to come up with an idea on how to create an inclusive world for students with disability.

There are 15 cash prizes to win for your school for the best ideas! You can win up to $1500!

The K-12 Inclusion Challenge is working with school-aged children to raise awareness of disability and support and promote practical solutions to the inclusion of kids with disability in schools.
Entries are open to all school-aged children and all children are encouraged to participate and work together to develop an inclusion solution – click here to register your interest

So what does inclusion actually mean?

Inclusion is made up of three key aspects

INCLUDE – all students belong and participate in activities. Equal access and opportunity is provided in each of the following contexts: physical, social and curricular.

ENABLE – students are empowered to reach their full potential and participate effectively in all aspects of school life, receiving all the support they need. Including development of personality, talents and creativity, as well as cognitive and physical ability.

EMBRACE – diversity is acknowledged, respected and viewed as a resource for learning, growth and change.

How can you get involved?

To enter, children simply need to develop a 1 page summary of their inclusion idea, and film a short video of their school (phone quality accepted).
Applications close Friday, 2nd November 2018.

The K-12 Inclusion Challenge has prepared a number of helpful resources to help kids get started thinking about their inclusion idea. Check them out here to get inspired!

How are the entries judged?

The National Inclusion Challenge 2018 committee that consists of NDS representatives and other experts who will judge which applications best meet the criteria of the challenge. Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Creative, simple low cost/no cost ideas to raise disability awareness and support inclusion in school
  • A clear description of the research project through completion of the summary sheet and video footage
  • Achievement of outcomes.

Winners will be publicly announced on the International Day of Persons With A Disability and winning videos will be uploaded to the K-12 Inclusion Project resource centre.

Kids are so creative and often solve problems in such a unique way, so let’s get them thinking about how to INCLUDE, ENABLE AND EMBRACE and make a difference in the lives of Aussie kids with a disability.

Click here to register your interest in the K-12 Inclusion Challenge and to learn more about how you can change the lives of kids with a disability.

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