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It’s your kids time to shine and lead the way in disability inclusion in Australian Schools

The K-12 Inclusion Project promotes inclusion and raises awareness of children with disability!

The K-12 song “Focus on My Ability” teaches children about diversity and inclusion and that it is important for all kids to play together. The K-12 Inclusion Project provides practical solutions for the inclusion of all children in schools. 

The K-12 Inclusion Project – Focus on My Ability

Meet Keiran and his friends in Focus on My Ability. This song will help teach your children about diversity and inclusion and that is it important for all kids to play together. The K-12 Inclusion Project provides practical solutions for the inclusion of all children in schools.

Posted by K-12 Inclusion on Thursday, 28 March 2019

So what does inclusion actually mean?

Inclusion is made up of three pillars – Include, Enable and Embrace.
This framework can help build supportive and inclusive school communities. With this structure, schools can create an engaging and welcoming environment that celebrates everyone’s differences.

INCLUDE – Everyone in school should feel like they belong. Equal access and equal opportunity are provided to all students in every context. Physical – students with disabilities are present in the same environments as other students, and experience the place for the same amount of time. Social – all students are welcomed wholeheartedly and belong. Curricular – all students are able to access the same curriculum with appropriate adjustments.

ENABLE – We want students to be empowered to participate in school and reach their full potential! Every student will have the support they need to succeed and participate effectively in all aspects of school life. This includes development of personality, talents and creativity, as well as cognitive and physical abilities.

EMBRACE – Diversity is an important part of the school environment. All students will be respected and gain positive attitudes about themselves and the people around them. By acknowledging diversity, respecting it and viewing other experiences as a resource for learning, growth and change, similarities and differences between individuals are celebrated. Students with disabilities develop a self-perception that positively integrates their experience of disability.

Here’s how you can raise awareness of disability in your school and make real change.

  1. Watch and share the K-12 song “Focus on My Ability” – click here to take another look
  2. Teachers/parents – take a look at the K-12 Inclusion Project Resources to review, plan and formulate an inclusion statement unique to your school.
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