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NEW Joe Wells Reserve Netley (Nature Playground)

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Designed and inspired by the kids at Netley Kindergarten, this new little nature playground is nestled in the quiet suburb of Netley and adds a new dimension to the modern day playground. A fabulous area for kids to get in touch with nature by playing with the sand, climbing wooden bridges, or getting lost in the cave. This space is literally back to basics.

These are just a few of the obstacles the children face when they play at the new nature playground. The playground also features a bird nest swing ,sandpits along with some grassed area to run around on. Totally back to nature I love this play area as it is different and allows kids to use there imagination.

With lots of places to hide and explore, lots of sand (to fill the car with) this playground is worth the visit if you are in the area.

As it is very much a local playground there are NO toilets and whilst there are trees shading parts of the grassed area there is NO shade covering the play area.

Whilst this is not ideal a shade sail would take away the rustic feel of this playground.

Closest coffee stop would be The Gourmet Breakfast Café on Kinkaid Ave.

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