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Indoor Play at Seacliff Kindergym

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Seacliff KinderGym is an incredible venue for kids aged 0-5 years to develop their fundamental and locomotor movement skills. It’s a huge indoor venue with 3 rooms, 1 for movement, dance and song and 2 rooms full of equipment.

When the weather is cold and wet, Seacliff KinderGym is a great place for the kids to “jump their sillies out”, while also allowing them to build strength.

Here are some superstar tips from the highly skilled staff at Seacliff KinderGym to help you practise your skills at home too:

Jump like a kangaroo. Remember your safe landing!

Roll like an echidna. Head tucked in, cuddle your knees.

Hang like a possum off a monkey bar

Climb like a koala

Crawl like a wombat

Run like an emu

Hop & skip like a mouse

Slide like a platypus

Balance like a cockatoo on a branch

For more details about all the sessions on offer at Seacliff KinderGym check out our review:

There are plenty of session times and classes to choose from including BabyGym, right through to PreGym! There is also Explore-Ability for children with gross motor, sensory or developmental delays.

Where? 32 Yacca Road, Seacliff

Phone: 0432 874 532 via text message for more information



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