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Indoor craft activities

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If you need inspiration for indoor craft activities, the amazing people at Housing a Forest have done it again! They have so many cool things to do with kids at home and always seem to use items that I wouldn’t have thought of saving! Check out some of the latest cool ideas below, many using things you probably already have at home.

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Wax Boats

This is a super dooper cool activity which allows kids to make boats using the wax from Babybel cheese! Genius! Check out the link for how to do it.

Wax Boats

Wax Boats

Shape Hopscotch

This is an awesome way to keep the kids entertained (and learning!) inside when the weather isn’t so flash.

Indoor Craft Activity Child doing Hopscotch on cut out coloured shapes

Indoor Shape Hopscotch

Paper Plate Sheep

Okay, I admit. I just thought this was so cute! These would make a good gift for grandma and grandpa’s fridge!

Paper plate sheep

Paper plate sheep


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