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Howard Florey Reserve

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Situated across from the Arkaba Hotel and shopping centre. We love that it is within easy walking distance to East Borough coffee shop on the Glen Osmond road which has the best coffee and brunch in Adelaide in our opinion! (And with a kids menu and toys and books available it’s a win win from us.

The playground has two swings, a climbing frame with a climbing net, slide, ropes to walk across and monkey bar rings. A window at the top and bench at the bottom encourages lots of role play with the ice cream shop being this weeks choice! The noughts and crosses game is a nice addition.

A wobbly surfboard to balance on is a favourite with our preschooler while our toddler loves the see saw. There is also a large sand pit. The area is covered with bark chippings and has a large shade. A basketball ring and small court are right beside the playground and there is lots of grass space for ball games, picnic blankets and very often dogs to have a run around.

This reserve is only partially fenced (the end near the busy Fullarton road) but the area around the playground is not. There are lots of park benches but no picnic tables or BBQ facilities. There are however toilets, bins and a tap for dogs to have a drink.

Review courtesy of Emma, Eleanor 4 and Martha 2

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