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Henley Square

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Located at Henley Beach, Henley Square is a popular area to eat and play. The beach is beautiful, with volleyball nets, a long jetty and calm, flat waters. The square is well kept, with lots of grass to picnic upon and loads of seating too. Cafe’s and restaurants surround Henley Square, offering a wide range of food and drink. There’s Thai, Greek, Fish and Chips, coffee and cake, Italian, Mediterranean, Indian and much, much more. A great dining option for kids is fish and chips on the grass, followed by gelati or icecream. Perfect! You can always visit the new Henley Beach Surf Life Saving Club for meal too. During the summer months, you can watch bands playing in Henley Square or enjoy a local festival.

Henley Beach is located less than 20 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD and is close to both Grange and Glenelg beaches too.

My favourite cafe at the moment is Swedish Tarts, where you have room to move prams, can spread out at the no-fuss tables and grab really good chocolate milkshakes. Plus, I think the name is funny. 🙂

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