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Henley Beach Surf Life Saving Club

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The Henley Beach Surf Life Saving Club has been recently renovated and it is the perfect place to have a eat with the kids. Watch the sunset over beautiful Henley Beach and enjoy the chilled-out vibe, reasonable prices and terrific food. It’s a great family friendly atmosphere and you can go for a meal after spending the afternoon at the beach or in Henley Square. If you live nearby, you can also check out Little Nippers and many other club events and groups that are available to join.

Opening Hours:

Thursday 20th & 27th February, Bar from 5pm and meals from 6pm to 8:30pm ($12 Schnitzel Night, extra for sauces & toppings).

Friday 21st February & & 28th February, Bar from 5pm till late and meals from 6pm to 9pm.

Saturday 22nd February & 1st March, Bar from midday till late and meals from midday to 9pm.

Sunday 23rd February  & 1st March, Open all day from 9am to 9pm. Buffet breakfast from 9am to 11:30am and meals from midday to 8pm.

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I'm a mum to two little girls, Elka and Spencer and a new baby, Gus. I'm a school teacher, sport lover and Milo addict. I don't particularly like blue tongue lizards even though I know they keep snakes away.


  1. Belinda

    16/01/2017 at 3:47 PM

    Hi all!
    I am the mother of a funny, adventurous, 6 yr old. Her name is Charlie (aka- Charlotte).
    I love the general idea of your website, but I also I find most of it useless.
    Charlie is in a wheelchair.
    I wonder if there could be a new area where you could find places for children with physical difficulties etc.
    Unfortunate a well meaning website, ignorantly ignores a large part of our population.

    • Roxy


      16/01/2017 at 3:57 PM

      Hi Belinda
      We’veactually got a section of our website dedicated to all access play areas that we’ve come across.
      It’s not a huge list, but we try our best to list as many places we can
      If you know of any good ones we’ve missed we’d love to know about them.
      Your daughter sounds like a go getter! We’d love to hear more about what she needs/wants/likes to find at playgrounds and play areas.

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