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Hendrie Street Reserve Inclusive Playspace, Park Holme

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After extensive consultation and community fundraising we are pleased to announce that the new ‘Livvi’s Place’ Hendrie Street Reserve inclusive playground in Park Holme is OPEN!

Livvi’s Place has been specially designed in close consultation with the community to ensure no-one is left out, including those with disabilities, and is located at Hendrie Street Reserve, behind the Marion Outdoor Pool. Built on a beautiful tree-lined reserve, the playground features a wheelchair accessible carousel, swings, slides, a nature play creek, play tables, an accessible cubby house and water play areas – most of which are accessible to wheelchairs. Families will love coming to the playground which also features BBQs and picnic shelters. The site is fully fenced and protected by shade sails.

What a magical area the Hendrie Street Reserve inclusive play space is. Bringing together all kids and allowing them to play side by side regardless of ability. This playground has it all and the Marion Council have done an amazing job. This is the first playground in SA developed specifically for kids with disabilities and Kids In Adelaide are proud to be part of it.

The play equipment is just amazing and has such diversity and variety with something for everyone. It features 2 slippery dips, with one that can be accessed via a ramp the other via a rope tunnel, multiple swings including an expression swing for carers to use so they can swing and face a child, rope climbing frames and a mini rock climbing wall.

Kids in Adelaide were more than happy to donate towards this very worthwhile project for kids in our community

The Hendrie street reserve playground also has a mini carousel flush with the ground for all to use, water and nature play areas and a 40m bike and scooter track. You will find an orchard (YUM!) and a separate sensory play space for drawing, reflecting and quiet time for the kids.

There is a bucket and pulley station, as well as multiple areas for sand and water play (bring a change of clothes!) and a super cool giant water corkscrew! Much of the equipment can be accessed via ramps for wheelchair use, and consideration has also been given to children who may have vision and hearing impairments and spectrum disorders.

We love the large multisided blackboard area (BYO chalk), but do note that kids can’t be seen easily when inside this area – along with a few other places in this lovely large play space due to the solid wood walls etc. Still to come is a social play space where the kids can play with matchbox cars, enjoy giant chess or a game of hopscotch. It has all been taken care of. But wait, lets not forget about the 6m tall spade known as Dig and Delve that towers over the playground, which kids can use to create pencil rubbings or use a stick to make music.

The park is fully fenced, has lots of parking and plenty of shade sails and wheelchair users can access the BBQs, water fountains and toilet facilities that include an adult change table. There is also plenty of room on the grassy areas, and lots of nearby mature shade trees so bring along a ball and a picnic and make a day of your visit.

The Marion Council have done an amazing job and have really given justice to this amazing, inclusive play space in Adelaide. Hendrie Street Reserve deserves a big “Well Done!”

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  1. Tammy

    11/08/2018 at 9:03 PM

    The playground looks amazing but as the parent of a disabled child I am very disappointed they didn’t included a liberty wheelchair swing. Thank goodness the West Torrens council has a couple in their zones

  2. Madigan

    11/05/2019 at 7:25 PM

    As a parent of a disabled child I was also hugely disappointed in this play ground. I asked them, before it was built, to put in a liberty swing, or some other equipment for children in wheelchairs and was told they had no intention of adding such equipment. It is not an all-inclusive playground. It is not particularly usable for kids in wheelchairs or with walking frames and Marion Council have said they have no plans for any of their playgrounds having a liberty swing for wheelchair users.

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