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Hazelmere Playground and Reserve, Glengowrie

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This local playground /park is suitable for a mixture of age groups however the play equipment only caters for toddlers. The equipment features a small swing set including baby swing, 2 small slippery dips , a swinging hammock , climbing area and a couple of small play equipment. Half the area is covered by shade .What is great about this park/reserve is that the play equipment area is fenced off, has a good size grassed area and a half key basketball court. Within this area you also have the use of toilets and BBQ facilities.

What I also like about this park is that outside the fenced playground area you also have the use of tennis courts and for the pooch lovers there is a huge dog park /sports field. It even has off street parking.

Why not bring the family, put a sausage on the BBQ, have a hit of tennis or try for a slam dunk on the basketball key whilst you also get to keep the pooch happy at the dog park.

In need of a coffee on the way you either have OTR service station on the corner  of Diagonal and Oaklands Road ( probably not the best coffee option ) or a little stroll further or stop in the car on the way you have Becks bakery at 21 Oaklands Rd for coffee and maybe a bakery treat.

Corner of Hazelmere and Oaklands Rd

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