Halloween Costumes that won’t cost an arm and a leg

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First of all #winningpun on my post title, arm and leg….halloween…..ha ha ha get it. #mumjoke.

My 3 year old loves and I mean LOVES to dress up. If I had to choose her most favourite thing to do at the moment, it would without doubt be DRESS UP! The dress up cupboard that my Dad made her is literally buckling under the weight of dress ups.

So it goes without saying that she’s a little more than a bit excited about Halloween just around the corner. At the moment she’s set on going as a witch, but this could change at any minute so I’ll keep you updated as to what turns out to be the final outfit for October 31.

In the meantime, I’ve been trawling the internet looking for some Halloween inspo that doesn’t include a trip to the costume hire shop, doesn’t require any great sewing ability (a BIG bonus for me) and can be mostly put together with bits and pieces around the house.

I know there are a few Halloween haters out there who don’t like this “American-ised” (which is actually not American but Celtic) tradition, but I love it, and my daughter REALLY loves it so that’s enough for me.

Please share your families Halloween costumes with us, I’d love to see them.


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Mum of 3. 6 year old Winnie and her new baby sister Ziggy who was born last year and one 4 legged sausage dog called Frank David. I work from home with my own graphic design business and love watching this little community of Kids in Adelaide-ers grow

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