Halloween costumes you can make with stuff around your house

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Halloween is 2 weeks away! YAY! I love Halloween. My whole family dress up and go trick or treating in our neighbourhood, which is also getting more and more into the spirit every year.
I know Halloween is not for everyone, and that’s OK. Leave your front light off, or put a sign on your door and I promise we won’t come knocking.

If you are into Halloween, why not make your own outfit at home this time? It can be really easy it’s generally cheaper and it’s way more fun! We normally combine homemade with a few bought items, but most of these you really can make for next to nothing.

Here are some other really cool Halloween ideas I’ve found online this year. Can someone please try the toilet seat cover viking, that one is awesome!

1.Needle and Thread Costume:


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Viking for the Halloween:


It sounds a bit gross but you have to buy two toilet seat covers. Now trim off the elastic and it will leave a large circle. For the neck, cut a small circle and cut the edges roughly. Take a craft knife and make two slits to tie a leather lace through it.


You can also tie leather string around your wrists. Grab your gumboots, cut the half of the other toilet cover and wrap it around the boot and tie it with string.


Grab yourself a cheap viking hat and you’re away!

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Scrappy Unicorn Costume:





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Bag of Jelly Beans:

I was going to go as Morticia this year….but this idea is really cool . You will need a large and clean clear plastic bag, some mini balloons and a ribbon. Blow up the mini balloons as many as you can. Now very carefully cut the arm and legs holes and step up into it and then fill it with balloons. Wrap the top around your neck very loosely. Your bag of jelly beans is ready!


Photos from Modern Kiddo

Tea Bag Costumes:

Super easy one to make. Take a pillow case and fill it with grass which will look like tea leaves and cut the holes for the arms. With a rope, ad a label of Lipton in front of the bag and you’re done!


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This costume just needs a shirt with black and white stripes. Wear gloves and black sunglasses or face paint. Whip up a moneybag from an old pillowcase and you’re ready to trick or treat!


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101 Dalmatians:

White shirts, black texta for spots. That easy!


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Jelly Fish:

This one is fun! Attach strings or any fabric of white color to an umbrella and wear something white underneath.


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