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Haddington Reserve, Clapham

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A small but well-maintained fully fenced and dog-friendly park.
Play equipment includes monkey bars, a slide, a seesaw, a climbing wall and two swings. There’s also enough grassed area for a game of cricket, football, soccer, frisbee or whatever activity takes your fancy.

There are no toilets or BBQs but it does have two tables with benches if you’d like to bring your own snacks.

The reserve is popular with kookaburras, and if you’re lucky you can even spot a koala from time to time.

Find it at Price Avenue, Clapham

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Dad to two active, outdoors-loving boys named Lenny (5) and Nash (3), an equally active outdoor-loving cocker spaniel called Fred (9) and six not-so-outdoor-loving fish named Garry, Olivia, Charlie, Barry, Speccy and Maree (ages unknown).

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