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Graymore Park, Glenelg North

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Lovely little playground nestled in the side streets of Glenelg North.

This local playground is a little hidden gem and has a variety of play equipment suitable for a few ages. This playground has 3 slippery dips, a nest swing , 2 swings including a baby swing , monkey bars , balancing bar , noughts and crosses game , climbing equipment and a few other individual pieces for the kids to play on.

Easy parking and the playground is fenced off and has shade cloth over majority of the equipment. Outside the fence there is also a basketball ring for the older kids to shoot some hoops

There are a few seats around but please note this playground has no BBQ facilities or toilets.


Great little playground if you were in the area or on the way somewhere nearby.

In need of a coffee or food? There is a deli and chicken shop 2 mins walk away or for the coffee snobs the 5 min walk to Coffee Time on Tapleys Hill Road is worth it.

Derrick Ave Glenelg North

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