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Goolwa Nature Play Space| Bristow Smith Reserve

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Another one to add to the Nature Playground list! This $600,000 project was opened in late 2015 and is located in a beautiful big waterside park, right near the yacht club in Goolwa. On the weekend or in the school holidays you can often see people taking their boats out or having races on the water nearby.

It’s location is the first point I’d make. It’s a gorgeous spot but it is right near the water and it’s not fenced so please make sure you’re watching your kids, especially little ones who might wander over to the water. Generally speaking the water area next to the Goolwa nature playground is suuuper calm and very child splash-time friendly – but it’s still unfenced and you’ll need to keep that in mind and monitor.

The main feature of the park is a beautiful 10 metre long restored wooden fishing boat to climb and hide and play on. If your kids like climbing, balancing and touching they’ll love this park! There’s climbing nets, ropes, spiders web and balancing logs.

There are also timber swings, a nest swing and an accessible swing designed for wheelchair-bound users. On a small hill, there is a little metal slide and nearby a wooden 4 way see saw, great for toddlers

There’s also a water pump area and creek bed and lots of sand to dig in. There’s a (very) good chance the kids will get a bit messy, so maybe throw in a change of clothes.

Plan to stay for a while because there’s plenty of picnic spots, shelters, BBQ facilities, toilets so it’s got all you need to spend a few hours on a nice day.

We loved the sensory path surrounding the playspace with art walls, musical instruments and sculptures scattered around. So much to explore and touch and try!

Wear a hat and sunscreen though because the playground itself is not shaded, but there are shelters surrounding to escape the sun on a hot day.

Goolwa Nature Playspace/Bristow Smith Reserve is on Barrage Road, Goolwa

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