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Glenunga Hub Playground

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Glenunga hub playground opened in 2017 and quickly became one of our favourites – if you visit this summer you’ll probably see us there! As you may have noticed, many of our recent favourite playgrounds include those with ‘active’ options for kids – water play, sand play, climbing, nature play etc, not just swings and slides. Glenunga hub playground is one of these again – with a wonderful water play section with a water pump even 3 year olds can manage, and a great set of metal ‘channels’ to change the water direction through.

It actually took 4 visits before we remembered to take photos of the rest of the play areas like the swings, because the kids are constantly in the water/sand area! In addition to the water play area, there are 2 swings (1 is an enclosed baby swing), a toddlers area with climbing frame and little slide, plus a little 4 seater table, a couple of spring rockers and great little fake grass hill perfect for picnics or rolling down. The whole place has some lovely plantings inside and outside the fenced play area and shade sails over much of the play equipment. There is a water fountain with bubbler and tap for filling water bottles.

The Kids in Adelaide team have already spent hours, and hours, (and hours!) here in the past few weeks. It’s often got a number of other families there too with kids of all ages. My 3 year old in particular likes that some older (9-12years old) local kids come sometimes and they are really good at designing awesome water channels through the whole sand pit! Fully fenced, with 3 shade/rain covered bench seats and free BBQs just outside the fences, plus the beautiful oval right next door – the Glenunga playground is definitely a hit in our household! The only ‘down sides’ we could think of are – there’s not much for older kids unless they want to play in the water/sand, there are bark chips in the toddlers area if you have a little one who eats them, and there is no coffee shop within 100m! 🙂

Glenunga Hub Playground

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