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Fringe Illuminates Kaurna Culture

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The Adelaide Fringe Illuminations celebrate Kaurna Culture with a very significant Aboriginal story in lights amongst the carnival of colour projected along the North Terrace buildings.

An extremely moving Kaurna country and culture ceremony launched the Fringe Illuminations on North Terrace over the weekend in what was a very starry, starry night. The Paitya Cultural Group powerfully depicted ancient Kaurna stories with fire and dance and then ignited a spark of spectacular light onto the Mortlock Wing that, along with the Institute Building will carry the beautifully lit stories until February 28. Dreaming Light, is the largest ever architectural projection art project in South Australia involving Aboriginal storytelling and it is a cultural and artistic collaboration between Paitya, illuminart, the South Australian Museum and State Library of South Australia commissioned for the Adelaide Fringe 2016.
Be sure to get down there and let your kids do some dreaming about the oldest living culture in the world – they too can help carry traditional Kaurna stories into the future. There is also an interpretive trail that tells the Kuarna stories that are so vividly and movingly lit by the very clever projection artists at South Australia’s Illuminart.

These awesome images are of the Adelaide Fringe Illuminations opening ceremony at the Mortlock Wing and the Institute Building of the State Library (courtesy of Illuminart®).

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