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Forsyth Playground (Cottage Lane Park) – Hackham

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Forsyth Playground, locally known as Cottage Lane park is one of our favourite playgrounds.

It has something for all ages: from toddler slide, little rocker beetles and a boat, to climbing frames and walls, a bike track and even a skate ramp!

There are toilets, 3 BBQ’s and several shade rotundas. The large areas of grass make having a picnic a breeze and space to play cricket, kick a ball and run around.

There’s a carpark just off Gates Road, or roadside parking on Cottage Lane. The skate park is on the other side of the creek, permitting some ‘space’ for the older kids who want to escape!

Many trees provide beautiful shade on warm days: a few of them are favourite climbing trees!
A mini amphitheatre separates the main playground to a more ‘private’ type grassed area, which is ideal for larger family gatherings.

Forsyth Playground (Cottage Lane Park)
Where: Cottage Lane, Hackham

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Thanks to Angela for this playground review.

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  1. Nina

    12/07/2017 at 8:28 AM

    This is our local playground. It’s great. Kids love riding their bikes here and we have had some birthdays. It never gets too crowded. Shhh…don’t let the word out too much! 😉

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