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Finding Nemo: A father’s review

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This review from wonderful Rad Dad, Mark, made me laugh and laugh. I can’t wait until the sequel Finding Dory hits cinemas so I can read his next review! Read on…

Finding Nemo: A father’s review

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My wife and I learnt fairly early on the soothing qualities that a playing television can have on the mood of a young child. For exactly this reason, when we moved homes about nine months ago we deliberately did not connect television set to the outside world. Thus we are protected from the temptation to just let the TV run. So far it has worked out pretty well. We have a few different cartoons that he watches perhaps one or two episodes at a time and when it is time to turn it off, we give him the remote and he turns it off himself. Most of the time.

Recently we have graduated to movies and there is a rich choice of animated fare from which to choose. The first was ‘Planes’, an obvious choice given that he loves planes. It turned out the planes he was most interested in were the airliners that were seen every so often in the background. But he still enjoyed the movie and we have seen it a few times now. As the first experiment was successful I started to think about the next movie. If there is one thing that he loves even more than planes, it is fish. ‘Finding Nemo’ it is.

The film is a little older now and it may be some time since you’ve seen it so I’ll give you the IMDB recap of the story. “After his son is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney, a timid clownfish sets out on a journey to bring him home.” It sounds like a nice family story. And the animation is wonderful. This is certainly what I was expecting to see.

The following is the story recap and review of the movie I saw.

A young family with a pregnant mother move into their dream home. Shortly after moving in, the home is attacked. The father gallantly attempts to protect his family but is unsuccessful. The only other survivor is a son, born handicapped. Distraught at being unable to save his family, the father becomes overprotective. The first time he, ever so slightly, gives his son some freedom, the son is so determined to prove his independence he puts himself in unnecessary danger and is kidnapped. The still-grieving-from-his-family’s-death, now-also-guilt-ridden father, then embarks on an epic journey to find his son. With the help of an assortment of sea creatures he is ultimately successful and having learnt his lesson, they live happily ever after. Or at least as happily as you can live having lost most of your family. In short, what begins as a tragedy, turns into a horror story, with a partially happy ending.

Father’s Rating – “A horrifying compilation of a father’s worst nightmare. – 0 stars”

Son’s Rating – “Whale! – 5 stars”

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Mark lived the first thirty years of his life in Adelaide, but now lives in Poland with his Polish wife and German born, two and half year old, bilingual son. In his spare time he is a professional volleyball coach. Sometimes, when he is trying to be funny, he says that fathering is easier than coaching because he only has to deal with one child at a time.

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