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Father’s Day Craft Ideas

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Looking for some inexpensive, easy craft ideas for the kids to create something meaningful for dad this weekend? We made the “Splodge Tree” (below) at home, thanks to a great suggestion from a friend at my Mother’s Group. Very easy to do, just create a tree design then get your young one to add the greenery! Frame it if you like, just to add that special touch.

We also made these colourful flags at home using washable markers, paper towel and a splash of water. Elka loved making these and watching how the colours change once we had dabbed the paper towel in water. We are using them as decorations at the moment, but they’d also make a cool little creation for dad’s office! Or perhaps laminated, dated and signed to use as a bookmark?

Check out for some really cute handprint crafts! Happy Father’s Day and let us know your creative inspo too. xx




WIN a 3 month craft box subscription from PeekyMe valued at $82.50





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