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The Fairy Garden Hahndorf

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If you’ve got little fairy fans or elf enthusiasts at your place, a trip up to The Fairy Garden Hahndorf is a must.

Located just off the main street of Hahndorf you can ring the bell on the way up the path to let the fairies know you’ve arrived, grab a pinch of fairy dust to make a wish in the wishing well and then wander around the garden to find all the fairy surprises there are to find.

There’s a fantastic range of fairy garden accessories from fairy doors to mushrooms, solar houses, fairies, gnomes and even fairy snow!

They can help you create your own fairy garden or simply add to your existing one. The Fairy Garden have many houses both solar and wooden, fairies galore, gnomes and elves to complete your collection.

Everyone should find a way “to be off with the fairies”

Open everyday EXCEPT Wednesdays 10:30 until 4pm and 11:30 until 4:30pm on weekends.

Find them at

55 Main St, Hahndorf

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