Warradale Christmas Lights Display

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07/12/2018 all-day

This is a recurring event:

02/12/2018; 03/12/2018; 04/12/2018; 05/12/2018; 06/12/2018; 07/12/2018; 08/12/2018; 09/12/2018; 10/12/2018; 11/12/2018; 12/12/2018; 13/12/2018; 14/12/2018; 15/12/2018; 16/12/2018; 17/12/2018; 18/12/2018; 19/12/2018; 20/12/2018; 21/12/2018; 22/12/2018; 23/12/2018; 24/12/2018; 25/12/2018; 26/12/2018; 27/12/2018; 28/12/2018; 29/12/2018; 30/12/2018; 31/12/2018

Warradale (Gardiner Avenue)
Gardiner Ave
Adelaide SA


‘Lights on’ event starts at 8:45 pm on 01 December.

There’s some new additions to previous years.

All will be revealed on 1 December

This year, Warradale Christmas Lights will be raising money for the Brighton Primary School Science Program. In particular, money to purchase a telescope for the school to boost interest in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

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