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Elizabeth Rose- Book Review

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‘Elizabeth Rose on Parade’ and ‘I love you 5 lollipops’ by author Jaquelyn Muller, are a lovely set of books for younger children. We have enjoyed reading them to Elka over lunch and before bedtime. The highlight for me was the illustrations, by Kathryn Zammit. They are particularly beautiful, with an old-fashioned edge to them.

Both stories are centred around a young girl named Elizabeth Rose. The first book, I love you 5 lollipops, is a cute, short story of Elizabeth Rose affirming her love for her interesting circus family in funny, relatable ways. The second book, Elizabeth Rose on Parade, is slightly longer but still an easy, enjoyable read before bedtime. This time the story focuses on the ways Elizabeth Rose entertains and enchants her family and friends at the circus with her endearing personality.

Each book has a rhyming pattern to help with the flow of the story. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading them to your children too!

You can pick up your own copy of I Love you 5 Lollipops ($14.95) or Elizabeth Rose on Parade ($24.95) on Jaquelyn’s online store here.

Check out Jaquelyn Muller’s Facebook page here.


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