EcoCaddy are a fleet of pedal-assisted electric trikes you’ve more than likely seen zipping around the streets and you might have even jumped on for a free ride through the city. But did you know they also run tours?

We took a ride on their Kids City Tour and it was brilliant! Our 90 minute tour took us to all the best parks, playgrounds, gardens and historic points around Adelaide city and our very knowledgeable guide Daniels, had some great stories and facts to share.
Did you know Alice in Wonderland can be found in Rymill Park?
Did you know there is a bee at the top of beehive corner?
Do you know what the purple pipes in the Parklands go?

We took a spin past the museum and the library and then off into Rymill Park to say hello to Alice, a hot lap around the Adelaide 500 race track, whipped past Marshmallow Park, into the Parklands, waved to the folks at TreeClimb, took a breather in the Himeji Gardens, stopped to smell the roses in Veale Gardens before heading back through the city through the backstreets and past some of the city street art before arriving back.

It’s the perfect amount of time to keep kids interested and when we got back my 7 year old squealed “I LOVED THAT” and I agree!

What you need to know

  • The tour goes for 90 minutes and covers around 12kms
  • It’s $155 one EcoCaddy. 2 adults OR 1 Adult + 2 children (under the age of 8)
  • Kids must be over the age of 4
  • Tour starts at Victoria Square, or you can arrange a specific city pick up/drop off point
  • Gift vouchers are available and it makes a FANTASTIC birthday/Christmas gift idea.
  • They also offer other tours including a wine tour of the city and a coffee tour! (I need to do both of these asap!)

To find out more about EcoCaddy and to book online visit