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Easy Family Meals- Simple & Fresh Dinnerbox

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With school returning for the year, I knew from previous experience the Simple & Fresh Dinner Box would be a guaranteed lifesaver. Our Dinner Box arrived Monday afternoon so this week has been an easy cooking week. We’ve had spaghetti bolognese, (with left overs for lunch the next day at work- joy!), sirloin with steamed brocollini and grilled pear and ocean trout with greek salad.

We’re a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 little kids) so the meals are plenty for us and suit the palates of the children too. In actual fact, the 3 meals have ended up being enough for 4 dinner meals each and 2 left-over lunches for my husband and I.

To be honest, the main reason we like the Simple & Fresh Dinner box so much is because the ingredients are Australian, FRESH and well, just really FRESH! I have done my shopping online before, but have found there are always a few ingredients that don’t seem that fresh. We have been REALLY pleased with Aussie Farmers Direct.

I don’t want to give too much about myself away, but I am a pretty average cook. By average, I mean that I can cook but I really don’t see cooking as a joyful experience. It’s more of a compulsory chore in order to keep everyone healthy, happy and, well, alive. Since having children I have spent much more time on weekends getting the kids involved with cooking BUT I often feel guilty that my repertoire is slightly…. ahem….. bland. The Simple & Fresh Dinner boxes are a good kicker to start trying different dishes, and they are so easy that the kids can still help too.

Head to their website for all the info!

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This is a partly- sponsored post, but all views and words are my own. I have received a complimentary Simple and Fresh Dinnerbox, but since receiving that, we have kept ordering more because they’ve been so easy and healthy.

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