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Easter Craft Ideas

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Here are some great activities to keep the kids busy without involving chocolate Easter Eggs!

Kidspot is a website well worth checking out. There’s loads of great activities, not just for Easter, but for every day too. Kidspot also has lots of parenting, pregnancy, health, lifestyle and food information and ideas. The activity I really like for Easter is the Easter Egg nature collage. It’s a great way to get the kids outdoors, even if our weather is starting to cool down a little bit. It encourages the kids to be creative, and could be linked to many great conversations about plants, nature, colour and smell. Check out more Easter Ideas on Kidspot: Kidspot Easter Crafts

Kidspot Easter Egg Nature Collage

Kidspot Easter Egg Nature Collage


Housing A Forest is a comprehensive website FULL of loads of cool ideas, experiments, activities and games you can enjoy with your kids. I really like the Easter Egg Stencil idea, which I think would like great on display too. Don’t miss the projects section, as this has plenty of fun ideas that will keep your children engaged and entertained- perfect for the school holidays! My favourite part is probably the experiments page though, so check that out too.

Housing A Forest Easter Egg Art Activity

Housing A Forest Easter Egg Art Activity


SAS Interiors has one of my favourite Easter activities on it’s website. The melted crayon Easter Eggs look amazing and are so easy to do! You need to be mindful that it does include boiling water so ensure you are actively monitoring this activity. SAS Interiors has a lot of very cool ideas, some are more time consuming than others so check them first to make sure they are suitable to your child’s age, ability and also your time frame! I particularly like looking at some of the interior design ideas on the website, which I know have nothing to do with kids arts and crafts- but they look really awesome and give me lots to dream of doing in our own home…. one day!!


Mum’s Grapevine has featured before on our website so you are probably already aware of the many cool ideas here. On the Easter crafts, foods and activities page, Mum’s Grapevine features this funky little idea called ‘Hunt for your lunch.’ I really like this because it’s healthy, delicious and keeps the kids active. There’s lots of other ideas for Easter too, so give yourself a few minutes to flick through the ideas. There’s lots worth checking out elsewhere on the website too, including clothing ideas for new mums and much more. Enjoy!

Mum's Grapevine 'Hunt for your lunch'

Mum’s Grapevine ‘Hunt for your lunch’

Happy Easter!





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