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East Terrace Glover Playground (Park 15), Adelaide

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Set among the existing trees, along with some new ones, the city council have done an amazing job with revamping the existing East Terrace Glover Playgroung also known as Park 15. We love that this playground caters to a variety of ages and has something for everyone. The main stage of the play space are the wooden houses located in the middle of the playground.

These are awesome cubby houses on stilts that cater for different ages as each has its only challenges and climbing obstacles, ranging from ladders to climbing nets to stairs. The catch is you need to climb something to use either the tubular slide or the dual slide so smaller kids will need constant help.

Connected by a rope bridge, the cubby houses are also great for imaginative play. Surrounding the wooden cubbies you will find lots of green mounds for the kids to run up or around along with inground trampolines scattered around the playground for the kids to enjoy. The park features a nest swing along with another swing set that features a baby swing.

As the kids continue to move around they park they will also find a LOT of other climbing equipment and lots of spiderwebs to weave in and out of. There are also lots of other pieces of equipment for climbing on scattered around the grounds more suitable for the younger ones. On the far side of the playground there are additional mounds in the ground for kids to weave in and out of or use their imagination with play and games. You will just need to keep a close eye out as the toilet block is located in the centre of the playground so you cant see both sides of the play areas.

The playground has toilets, it is fenced off on the road sides and has BBQ facilities with picnic tables.

The only down side is that there is no shade on the actual play equipment, but there are plenty of trees in the lower half of the playground. As the new trees grow this will help a little in the actual play equipment area.

There are lots of coffee shops and cafes along Hutt St for food and drinks. Please be mindful that CBC school is located across the road from this playground and uses the space for recess and lunch play. It can be quite busy during these times especially for the little ones as this is quite a spread out playground.

120 East Terrace, Adelaide

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