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Cummins House Next Door Playground, Novar Gardens

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This local little playground is nestled in the quiet streets of Novar Gardens and sits right next to historic Cummins House.

Cummins House was built in 1842 for Sir John Morphett and his wife Elizabeth and were one of Adelaide’s founding families. Once a working farmland for orchards, vines and olives the property also farmed sheep and had a well known horse stud. Today the house and grounds welcome visitors to come along and see how the lives of one of Adelaide’s known families lived. The beautiful gardens are very popular for functions and weddings.

The playground is suited for toddlers and has a lovely jungle animal theme. From frogs on the end of the see saw, to turtles and monkeys placed near the 2 slippery dips all adding to the jungle atmosphere . The playground has a couple of bouncing animals, swing set including a baby seat and has a couple of little climbing walls and ropes.

Unfortunately this playground has no fence , shade( it is surrounded by large trees )  or toilets so I would suggest a look around Cummins House during visitor hours followed by a short play at this playground.

In need of a coffee … hmmm not really anything that close to this park . Closest is the Mc Café on Anzac Highway Camden Park .

10 Sheoak Ave Novar Gardens

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