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Corn Painting

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Corn Painting. Who knew it could be so much fun?! I love this idea because it’s simple, creative and messy! If you’re like me, paint is probably one of your worst enemies- alongside glitter of course. Teaching at a Primary School can put you off painting for a very long time. BUT, with your own kids on a hot weekend you can always just get the hose and wash the kids down afterwards if need be.

This corn painting idea comes from Fun A Day and isn’t just about making a mess, it’s also a great way to encourage all sorts of learning such as fine motor, colour identification and, most importantly, that you shouldn’t eat corn after you’ve used it to paint with. Life lesson 101!

Click HERE to find out more about this cool little activity. I really like the idea of doing this on canvas too by the way!

You can find more activities on the Fun A Day website and Facebook page.






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