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Cobbler Creek Recreation Park Salisbury

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Cobbler Creek Recreation Park is a great, updated recreation park with a large new playground and over 17km of fantastic mountain/BMX paths for riders of all abilities. We took the youngsters there recently and they had a ball on the playground as well as riding the junior tracks, with the 4 year old even having a great time on the intermediate track.

Cobbler Creek Shared Use Bike Trails

The kids loved watching the older riders on the jumps at the advanced track as well – something for them to work up to in the coming years!

I can see my kids enjoying this in a few years

There is also this smaller, bitumen rolling ‘bike park’ for younger kids which was popular. The smooth surface makes it easier to get started on undulations, as the rest of the tracks at Cobbler Creek are all dirt.

For more bike riding locations, paths and BMX spots around Adelaide, see our post at Bike Tracks for kids and families in Adelaide.


Cobbler Creek Recreation Park Playground

At Cobbler Creek Recreation Park there is also a large new ‘Kites and Kestrels’ playground onsite at the end of many of the bike paths. The natural form playspace features multiple ‘raptor-themed birds nest’ climbing structures in the middle of the play area which give a really cool birds eye view from above. There are also large sandpits built to look like birdsnests from above, slides, a flying fox, rockbed, balance frames, swings, toilets, BBQs and more. The playground is well suited to kids of school ages, with a few areas that might be tricky if you bring toddlers.
** Please note that while there is shade under nearby trees and covered seating areas, most of the equipment in the playspace is not shaded. Much of it is made of metal and other materials that get extremely hot on sunny (& even overcast) days. Please take extra care, dress kids appropriately and test equipment before children play on it.**

Parking for the playspace and most bike paths is best accessed from the main entry and car park at the corner of Bridge and Smith Roads, Salisbury East.

For more info and a map head to Cobbler Creek Rec Park page

Cobbler Creek Recreation Park

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