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Clonlea Park – Gawler

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There are many things we love about Clonlea Park on Murray Road in Gawler.

Since its revamp in 2015 there is something for everyone. The new skate park is a major hit with a lot of kids both young and old. There is also a small playground near there to keep the little ones happy while the big ones skate.

The main playground is so much fun, complete with rope climbing tower.

Clonlea Park is full of different walking trails, perfect to get in touch with nature, following the river.

There are also tennis courts available for use.

Clonlea Park has many tables, a few BBQ’s and toilets.

The only downside is lack of covered area’s to play, eat and escape the rain or hot sun.

Thanks to Shona for this review.

Clonlea Park
Where: Murray Road,

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