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Christmas Reindeer

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The festive season is drawing near, and our little ones are starting to build with excitement. This fun activity is great for all ages and looks effective no matter who creates it! It’s simple and no fuss…

You will need:

* A3 paper (or smaller)

* Oil pastels

* Pencil

* Water colour paints

Together you will be creating your very own Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! Follow the template that I have included…very simple and by all means, make adjustments where required!

I get the children to use oil pastels to draw their reindeer and to colour it in. If they press really hard the oil pastel leaves and thick and bold colour, which looks amazing! Their little extra taste of creativity and colour can be included in the scarf by adding patterns, shapes or more festive symbols and designs.

After they have completed Rudolph, you can finish off your image with a watercolour wash over the background. A simple water colour palette or the fancier tubes of watercolour will suffice.

When they have finished, and the painting has dried, I laminated the images as this gives a beautiful ‘finished’ sheen so that you can hang on the wall or the front door of your house.

Absolutely Divine!

Merry Christmas!

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