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Bush Magic Playground

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In the park in front of the Adelaide Aquatic Centre you’ll find Bush Magic Playground.

bush magic playground entrance

Welcome to Bush Magic Playspace

What I like about this playground

  • Lots of parking available either on the street or in the Adelaide Aquatic Centre Carpark
  • Range of park equipment suitable for both really young ones and older kids. It has a maze, a pommel see saw (we loved this), slides, monkey bars, rope bridge, sand play area, swings, tunnels

    Bush Magic Playground North Adelaide (5)

    This pommel see saw was a huge hit!

  • Low monkey bars! Perfect for adventurous ones like mine to have a go on their own without help from Mum! (and without having to worry about a fall from up high

    Bush Magic Playground North Adelaide (6)

    Having a ball on the low monkey bars perfect for monkeying beginners

  • Cafe near by (in the Aquatic Centre) as well as toilet facilities. Nice ones. The cafe is also open early from 6am until as late as 7pm
  • Well maintained. It’s not the newest park on the block but it was nice and clean and the equipment was well maintained.
  • Liberty Swing (you’ll need to grab the key from the Aquatic Centre staff to use it)

    Bush Magic Playground North Adelaide (8)

    Baby and big kid swings + a liberty swing

  • Fully fenced! YAY no run aways
  • A small grassy hill perfect for roly poly’s, or a picnic rug
  • BBQ facilities and a few different picnic tables available (good option for a birthday party)

    Bush Magic Playground North Adelaide (2)

    Loving the maze at Bush Magic playground

  • Lots of spots for Mums and Dads to sit, there were a few picnic tables/benches scattered around both inside and outside of the fenced area, as well as a large undercover area perfect for a mid play snack.

    Bush Magic Playground North Adelaide (4)

    Plenty of equipment all visible from the undercover area right in the middle.

What we thought could be better

  • We visited in winter where shade wasn’t an issue but I think it could get quite hot in the middle of summer. The adjacent park is quite shaded but the actual playground area itself could do with a shade sail.


Bush Magic Playspace


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  1. Sam

    14/11/2017 at 3:54 PM

    Hey how i goin ? I just wanted to ask if it is usually crowded as I am pla ning to have my daughter’s bd in the magic bush playground on in two weeks. Is there a way to book it or ?

    • Roxy


      14/11/2017 at 6:03 PM

      Hi Sam. It really depends on what day you go. I know that answer isn’t very helpful but the day we went there there was ONE other family there BUT I have seen it on weekends where there are multiple kids parties happening and kids everywhere.
      You’d need to contact Adelaide City Council about booking it, I’m not sure it’s possible but worth an ask.

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