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Bubble Wrap Windows

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Feel like re-decorating but can’t afford it? Well why not try the amazing stained glass windows- with bubble wrap?!

Here’s what you need:


– bubble wrap (the bigger the bubbles the better)

– sticky tape

– colouring (food or art)

– cups of water

– plastic syringes or teat pipettes

– scissors or skewer


1) Fill your cups half full with water and add colouring

2) Cut out the size of bubble wrap you want to use

3) CAREFULLY cut a small hole at the top of each bubble in the bubble wrap (parents might need to do this as it takes a certain amount of patience and dexterity to do this)

4) Use your sticky-tape to fix the bubble wrap to the window, making sure you have the holes at the top

5) Use your syringes to fill each bubble with a different colour and make a cool, creative pattern!


– Food colouring can stain hands and clothes so you might want to grab some non-staining colours from your Art Supply shop (or put old clothes on your kids).

– Clark Rubber sells bubble wrap, as do most Post Offices. Try to get the ones with the bigger bubbles as they are MUCH easier to use. I got mine from Clark Rubber and it is super cheap.

– Chemists sells plastic syringes in the children’s medicine section, but teat pipettes are also good. The plastic syringes usually come in a few sizes so choose one that has a small enough nozzle to go into the hole you make in each bubble of the bubble wrap. The syringes I bought cost $0.55 each. Bargain!

– Have paper towel handy to mop up any drips. Make sure you don’t do this over carpet! Expect a bit of mess, especially as your kids get used to how to use a syringe properly.

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