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Brompton Green Playground and Reserve

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Brompton Green off Hawker St, Brompton is a great local playground. With the play equipment best suited to younger kids (up to 8years old ish), its also mostly fenced and quite far off the main Hawker street. The playground has climbing area, 2 slides, spinner, birds nest swing and a lovely shaded sand pit. Very close by is a shelter, BBQ and a number of seating options. There is also plenty of open grassy space for a picnic or ball play.

Brompton Green features include:

    • BBQ,
    • Open space,
    • Water fountain,
    • Picnic Tables,
    • Playground best suited to toddlers to young primary kids,
    • Public/community art,
    • Seating,
    • Shelter,
    • Toilets across Hawker Street,
    • Wheelchair access

Toilets are located across Hawker St

On street parking located on Ranelagh St and Tabard Ave, Brompton.

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