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Bonython Park

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What a beautiful playground for kids of all ages! Newly constructed and opened in December 2012, the Bonython Park Playground has a some very cool features not found in the typical suburban park. Some of the best equipment includes two 25m flying fox lines fun for kids of all ages and an extensive water play area complete with pumps, gates and a watermill. Kids love playing and experimenting with water and this is a safe and interactive water zone to suits kids as young as 1, while still entertaining the older ones.

Bonython Park Playground Water feature

The huge ‘mouse wheel’ can accomodate numerous energetic kids, there is a variety of swings and we love the wheelchair accessible merry-go-round catering for those with special needs too. Mum and dad can enjoy plenty of shade and seating while they sip coffee from the kiosk right alongside!

The playground also backs onto a well kept oval for plenty of open space, has toilet and bbq facilities and a kiosk.

Opening Hours: Bonython Park Playground open all hours, parking gates close at 6pm.

Bonython Park

Bonython Park

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