Apple Of My Eye is an educational service for school-aged children, facilitating fun, creative and engaging Holiday Language Programs for school aged children.

Employing a natural approach of acquiring a language, this enables children to learn in, and about, the language, allowing them to understand the culture around the language and develop more meaning.

Three main subjects are offered: Science, Arts and Language. Within these subjects, highly qualified teachers provide the learners with activity-based programs. This is where Apple Of My Eye really sets itself apart, as they encourage the children to use their sense of wonderment and curiosity. By doing so, this allows the children to learn quickly and effectively, but also ensures they retain their knowledge. The learners make many connections about what they’re learning with activities that incorporate culture, cuisine, art, nature, science, song and dance. Because of this, they are able to form a true understanding and form a strong base for cross-cultural awareness.

Most importantly, they are having fun while they’re learning! This is very valuable.

What a great way to experience another culture! It’s almost like traveling to Morocco- but without the travel expenses! And you know what? It is definitely a better alternative to children sitting at home on their iPads.

If you’re interested in providing a fun, immersive, engaging learning experience for your child then head to the Apple of My Eye website for more details. Please check below for what’s on these school holidays.

Upcoming Language Programs:

Arabic Culture School Aged Program

What? Children will explore their current place in time, their histories and their future. Children will investigate the discoveries, explorations and journeys of the Arab world and examine their connections with Arabic societies locally and globally. This program will include fun activities such as music, dance, calligraphy, poetry, mosaics, science experiments, olive oil making, geography, history and language.


26th-29th of April

9.30am-3pm daily


Inner Adelaide city private school

How much?

$150 for 4 days, a discount is offered for siblings

Installments are also accepted


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More details:



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