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Allenby Gardens Reserve Accessible Playground

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I nearly bought a house opposite this reserve three years ago – I wish I did because this new playground is AWESOME with a capital A. It oozes imagination, creativity and huge spaces for sports play. I think it will be one of my new favourites in the west!

Firstly, lets highlight that this playground is an inclusive play space – HUGE kudos so that all abilities can enjoy with custom designed equipment by Willplay, their first wheelchair accessible play space.

5 Great things I loved about this Playground

  • Easy Street Parking and not metered
  • Big Oval with soccer goals for a run around and picnic rugs in the sunshine
  • Toilets onsite
  • BBQ facilities (small area and shaded)
  • Tennis Court

5 Awesome Playground Features include

  • Interactive game stations
  • Toddler and Baby Swings
  • Castles, Pirate Ships and rock wall climbing – so many imaginative play spaces
  • Ramps for limited mobility

5 Tips to consider

  • No Shade Areas over main play area at time of visit (Saturday 12th August)
  • If keen for a BBQ – get there early to get your spot !
  • Limited ease of Pram walkways to move between the different play areas
  • Limited seating areas for Adults
  • The Pirates and Princesses may not want to leave their castle and ship!

Allenby Gardens Reserve Accessible Playground
Where: 92 William St, Beverley SA 5009

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