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Albert St Reserve Dulwich

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Driving down Albert St I had to have an extra closer look to find this quaint little park as it is placed behind a gorgeous white picket fence. As you open the gate you automatically get a magical feel as if you are entering a secret garden. With lots of grassed area at the front for either a picnic or games the area is surrounded by shrubs and trees.

At the end of the grassed area you will find the play equipment suitable for toddlers and early school aged kids. It features a swing set with baby swing, slippery dip, a bridge and lots of climbing frames. I love the general store with its own “EFTPOS’ machine to allow for some shopping role play (so up with the times)

A “little” find the Aussie Animals and Boomerang game is positioned at the top of the climbing equipment as extra entertainment and learning for the kids and lets not forget the cute ladybird bouncy piece for the little ones that can be found in the bark chips.

Whilst this park doesn’t have shade cloth over the equipment the tall trees provide some shade from the sun.

No toilets are located at this little local park.

Why not make a morning or afternoon of it and visit the local Victoria Park facilities that include areas for bike riding , skateboarding , scooters etc, visit the The Velo Precint or Park 16 Kiosk and then head over to Albert St Reserve for another play.

Love this gorgeous little playground vibe especially the feeling when you enter the gates from the white picket fence.

Just a little note to be aware of the parking restrictions on Albert St.

Albert St, Dulwich

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