50 Ideas for Adelaide in Winter for 50 bucks (or under)

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Winter is here! Don’t let the wet weather hold you back… Winter can still be wonderful in Adelaide!

If chasing rainbows and jumping in puddles gets a bit cold at times we have come up with 50 Ideas for 50 bucks or under this Winter. Prices are based on a family of 4. Please link the links below for individual activity prices, times and more information.

Adelaide Planetarium – Discover stars, the milky way and beyond!

MOD is Australia’s leading future-focused museum, provoking new ideas at the intersection of science, art and innovation

Central Markets – A kalidescope of discovery. Loads for kids to learn, explore, taste and weekend activities

Go to the Movies – Treat yourself and the family to the latest blockbuster.

Mani and Pedi – A little hour of indulgence weather you go out and treat yourself or stay home and do each-others

Fisherman’s Wharf Markets – A vibrant mix of stalls, sights, food and sounds for the whole family to enjoy – even better make a treasure hunt to find some treasure amongst the stalls

Have a Winter Wipeout of all old toys and pre loved items and hit the op shops for a feel good donation and pick up some new bargain finds at the same time!

Haighs Chocolate Tours – The next best thing since Willy Wonka – Adelaide’s iconic (plus FREE) Haighs Tours!

Haigh’s Chocolates FREE tours

Take a look at one of the World’s Fastest Cars at the National Motor Museum. The NMM has taken on-loan one of the world’s fastest and most expensive cars; a 2008 Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4.

Kid’s Kitchen at TAFE SA – Get your kiddies in training for Masterchef with the industry led cooking classes at TAFE

Roller Skating at Ingle Farm Get your skates on and enjoy a fun family night out! Every Friday night as well as a monthly themed disco one Saturday each month.

Public Rollerskating at Ingle Farm Rec Centre

At home disco! Streamers, music, lights down and glow sticks… and did we mention GREAT music?!

Army Museum of South Australia – Explore the fascinating history of South Australian Military at Keswick Barricks

Make some home made bath bombs and package them with your own brand label

Cook a International Feast from a country of your background and share in the tradition of certain meals passed down.

Pumpt the best indoor tracks around for bike & scooter enthusiasts! A great Winter hang out to keep active

Crocs Playcentre at Kilburn – A sensory area for babies, slippery slides for kids of all ages and a Muffin Break in the centre. Check out their Family Friendly Friday Nights

Make an online photo album from the year that was, your last holiday or just anything fun in general

Create a time capsule with your family…. maybe wait to Summer to bury it!

Visit the Art Gallery and be immersed with START an introduction guide to visual art for kids

A fancy milkshake and perhaps a coffee in a hotel lobby for something a little posh.

Something on Saturday at the Adelaide Festival Centre – Every Saturday at Adelaide Festival Centre children and their families can enjoy fabulous live performances  Plus, every week there’s a FREE Foundation Kids Corner Workshop where kids create wonderful arts and crafts inspired by the show they attend.

Aviation Museum – From historic collections to cockpit tours – if aviation is your thing then this marvellous collection will not disappoint.

Make a home slime factory with all colours and levels of goop! Take a look at our Super Easy Slime Recipe and Fluffy Slime Recipe

Super Easy Slime Recipes

Burn off some rainy day energy in a room full of trampolines with some serious Bouncing Time at Bounce

Adelaide Airport. Sounds a bit strange if your not going anywhere … but you could pretend too with birds eye view plane watching, an indoor playground and lots of people watching.

South Australian Museum A wonderful place for kids (and adults!) of any age to visit. There’s so much to explore, learn and discover and the exhibitions are always informative and sometimes interactive

Kid & Hub A unique play space and more than a play café ! The awesome range of kids activities that run throughout the week. These are scheduled, pre-booked classes and there is seriously something for every child from baby music and movement to pre-schooler sport, art, yoga and more!

Marion Cultural Centre The Marion Cultural Centre is a large facility, catering for many different age groups and many different interests. This is a great place to check out for school holiday activities, or even during the week. There’s cabarets, monkey’s playing drums, famous kids singers and authors, art work, books and much more!

Cubby House Building – indoors! Blankets, old boxes, torches, pillows and secret codes …..create a top secret cubby with very special VIP access

National Railway Museum The National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide is an awesome place to check out Australian railway history through interactive educational activities, climbing into the cabs of trains, taking free train rides and comparing the old steam trains to the trains of today.

I SPY a the shops. Sometimes a trip to the shopping centre can be a sanity saver in the wet weather. Make it fun with an I SPY game to keep the kids entertained and excited whilst your errands get done. If venturing in  school holidays check out your local shopping centre’s guide for school activity section!

Look up popular YouTube dance videos for kids and follow along with the choreography

A game of Limbo – just grab some chairs and a broom ! Mum or Dad….. get the physio on speed dial… leave these ones to the kids 🙂

Yoga. Google some Yoga poses and tune into some relaxation music for a Zen morning or afternoon.

Adelaide Gaol. Families can discover the incredible history of the gaol, first opened in 1841 and learn about the lives and crimes of some of South Australia’s pettiest thieves and most dangerous criminals.

State Library. Visit the Mortlock Wing and discover the Children’s Trail and 12 Mortlock Treasures with many interesting facts and discoveries to be made.

Hold a teddy bear picnic at home with a home made morning or afternoon tea.

How many pancakes are too many? It’s a trick question: there’s no such thing! Try out a mini feast and treat yourself day at the Pancake Kitchen especially on all you can eat Tuesdays!

Mystery Train or Bus Trip. No timetables , no destinations. Hop on the first train at your local stop and just let it take you somewhere!? Where in our great city will you end up?

Take a drive to Mt Lofty, Windy Point or your nearest Beach. Rug up in the car and watch the wild weather with a hot chocolate… and your quick snack recipes can be found here for your car trip as well as local cafes!

List some pre loved goods on Gumtree and let the kids name their price!

An adventure to Bunnings and buy a plant each for the garden or indoors. Make a competition who can grow the most herbs, vegetables etc

Maritime Museum. Australia’s largest nautical collection right here in Adelaide! More suited to older children as there is a lot of information and interactive displays and less play

Mega Fast Karts Laser Skirmish or Go Karts? The choice is yours for some family fun competition

Hobby Habit. Melrose Park store offers slot car racing, just bring your car in and for 5 dollars you can race on any of their seven tracks for the rest of the day

Head to a café for a warm hot chocolate, babychino or perhaps some chocolate fondue! We’re currently searching for Adelaide’s Best Babychino, so if you find a good one let us know!

Where is Adelaide’s Best Babychino?

Strap on your skates and glide across the ice inside an all-weather marquee at Winterfest 2018 Port Adelaide.

Have a weekend read-a-thon! Read some of your favourite books of all time – maybe even under your indoor cubby house!

Indulge in a Pyjama day .. all day. Watch movies, relax, play with toys and just do nothing but everything you love at home

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