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FREE Cheerleading Come and Try classes in October School Holidays at Adelaide All Star Cheerleading

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Valued at $20, both sessions are absolutely free!
Running in the October school holidays, these classes are a great way to try some cheerleading and see if it might be the sport for you.
No bookings or experience necessary.


Where: Adelaide All Stars Gym, 2a Jones St Nailsworth
When: Wednesday 4 Oct and Tuesday 10 Oct from 5-6.30pm
Age: 4 + (No experience necessary!)
Wear: Athletic clothing, hair tied up and enclosed shoes
Cost: Both classes free!
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (08) 8269 1988 during our office hours


Where: Adelaide All Stars Gym, 2a Jones St Nailsworth
When: Saturdays 1.30- 3.15pm
Age: 4 + (No experience necessary!)
Wear: Athletic clothing, hair tied up and enclosed shoes
Cost: First class free!
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (08) 8269 1988 during our office hours

What Is Cheerleading?

Cheerleading is Australia’s most exciting, up-and-coming team sport. Combining stunting, gymnastics, and dance – it’s a fantastic energy outlet that develops exceptional fitness for all ages. In becoming an Adelaide All-Star, your child will enter a supportive environment, meet new friends, learn new skills, gain confidence and – most importantly – have fun. Absolutely no experience necessary!

Who Are We?

Founded in 2009, you wouldn’t have recognised the All-Stars back in the day. Armed with a dream, a tiny 40sqm part time gym space and not much else, we were ready to take on the world. With over 250 members and 2 locations, we’re now one of the largest, most competitive clubs in South Australia.
While we’ve changed dramatically over the years, there are few things that haven’t. United by an obsession with cheerleading and a dream to empower young girls, founders Jess and Rachel combined their skills – marketing and teaching – to create a competitive club that puts the fun of cheerleading first.
“We wanted to create a supportive environment where our young athletes could learn, socialise and, most importantly, have a great time as they progress in (what we feel!) is one of the greatest sports in the world.”
As a competitive club, we love winning. But winning will never get in the way of our vision; to teach, inspire and improve the lives of as many athletes as we can. That means – with the Adelaide All-Stars – your child is as safe and supported as possible.
We’re also constantly looking to improve and reach for the stars – it’s even in the name! Be that our facilities, training, or how we communicate with you, that mentality is part of our lifeblood. So if you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Why Choose Cheerleading?


Growing their skills with classmates and safely progressing with stunting, tumbling and dancing will help boost your child’s self-belief and esteem for the rest of their life.


The healthy competition and commitment to learning difficult yet rewarding routines with Adelaide Cheerleading develops a positive, go-getter attitude. Don’t just look at the stars – be one!


Led by our expert coaches, your child will train and compete with a close group of athletes – each relying on one other to pull off amazing moves and continually learn in a fun, supportive environment.


Cheer is the heart of Cheerleading! We make sure to create a fun, cheer-filled atmosphere for all our classes. While we are a competitive club, this will never get in the way of your child’s safety or happiness.


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