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Accessible beaches in South Australia

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The Accessible Beaches campaign was founded in 2016 with a vision of making most patrolled beaches in Australia wheelchair accessible by 2020.

I absolutely love their mission statement as follows:

“ Our mission is simple. We want to improve the quality of life for more than four million Australians living with a disability

by getting them back onto the beach”

It is so simple of a lot of us to venture to the beach with no hesitation however for some it is just not a possibility due to their mobility.

Their approach is simplistic yet so needed and worthy of attention. They communicate to more than 22,000 contacts throughout Australia, they use technology to band communities together. In the summer months they host accessible beach days, demonstrating to local councils that beach accessibilities is in high demand across all ages. Education is a key across the state as well working closely with local and state governments, by providing support to navigate common compliance, procurement, risk, insurance and operational issues. Implementation is  provided at site evaluations and professionally to install the highest quality products on the market. They also provide training, support and supplier endorsed maintenance.

Accessible Beaches Campaign is fully operated and fully funded by PUSH mobility.

A list of South Australian beaches are as follows and if your leaving our great state you can find a list of beaches here

We would love to see this list grow and grow as the ocean should be shared for all so please have a read here on how you can support Accessible Beaches.

Mobi-Chair Floating Beach Wheelchair
Slat Type Access Platform

Fleurieu Peninsula

Mobi-Chair Floating Beach Wheelchair
Slat Type Access Platform

York Peninsula
Ramp to the soft-sand Beach Wheelchair (from holiday park) Drive onto North Beach

Adelaide Beaches
Matting on trial through dunes to soft-sand


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