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5 Ideas to say hello to 2018 on New Years Day

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There are a lot of things a family can do on New Year’s Day in Adelaide. Staying home and playing games, watching television or just lazing about are always nice ways to spend the day, but for those who want to make the most of this opportunity to do something special and start the year off right, Adelaide has a lot to offer, here are just five of the best ways to spend New Year’s Day with your family in Adelaide.


A Day at Henley Beach 

The temperature is set to be perfect for NY Day at Henley Square. Enjoy Fish and Chips on the beach,  scooter & bike fun around the Square, crabbing off the jetty and water play in the splash area and best yet FREE KIDS New Years Day Entertainment Show  from 1 pm. Lots of fun for kids, with songs, dancing, giggling and yes, bubbles! More details can be found here 

The Big Wedgie 

Say hello to a New year with a BIG WEDGIE ride! Opening on New Years Day at Glenelg- the big Wedgie is back and Wedgier than ever. What perfect timing than to bring on new adventures with this ultimate thrill ride. Wedgies come in all  Wedgie capacities including The Big Wedgie, The Just Right Wedgie and Little Wedgie. More details can be found here


Water Wonderland 

This Wonderland snuck into Adelaide while we were doing our Christmas shopping and probably did not notice! Its here and its HUGE and its a whole lot of fun! Water Wonderland has the largest range of water slides and carnival rides Australia has to offer and its perfect for a day in the sun and a lunch time picnic. Youc an find out more details here 

Road Tripping 

Grab the picnic rug, a lunch, the bikes and a head on a road trip for the day. The amazing thing about Adelaide is you can leave at 10 am and be back by 4 pm and still see heaps because everything is SO CLOSE! A great way to explore new things and start off 2018 with an awesome bucket list cross off of new discoveries.

A list of our favourite road trips can be found here 

Morialta Conservation Park

Nothing says New Years Day like a BBQ in the Adelaide Hills. Venture a short distance out of the city to gorgeous Morialta Conservation Park. If 2017 crept by and you did not have a chance to visit the super impressive development – get ready to explore! Five theme play areas, BBQ facilities and nature creek for water exploring.

Full details of our review can be found here 



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