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Colour and Fun

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Learning about the colour wheel is not only fun but it is also a great way to decorate your kids’ bedroom walls, the fridge and the sideboard. There’s so many ways to learn about colour and it doesn’t all have to be messy! Check out the websites below for some cool ideas. Enjoy!

Everyday Art

Food dye colour wheel

I really loved this activity and did it with my nephews at home. They helped me set it up then continued playing and we would then check back in with the activity every once in a while to see how it was progressing. It led to some really great conversations, especially once the colours really began to mix! My nephews then set about finding coloured pencils, crayons and items around the house that matched the different colours in the glasses. You could talk about the science behind the activity with your kids too, and even experiment with variables to get the most out of the activity. Lots of options for such a simple activity!

Quirky Momma

Quirky Momma is an amazing resource for all sorts of activities you can create at home. Below is an activity they have posted, which I ADORE. You can find Quirky Momma on Facebook too: Quirky Momma Facebook Page

Drawing with Cars

This activity is from the Housing A Forest website and looks like A LOT of fun for kids! I’m pretty sure my nephews and nieces would spend hours doing this. Even Elka might try to have a go… although at 2 weeks old she might find it a bit challenging! (But maybe I can play for her!)

One More Mushroom

Superhero Activity

I just LOVE this activity. It takes a bit of forward planning so make sure you’re organised. If you have kids that are a little bit older you can get them to create the building, backdrop, clouds etc. and identify the colours as they do so. One More Mushroom have some great ideas on their website so definitely check them out!


KC Edventures

KC Edventures has lots of different activities that are well worth trying. Check out the link below for some fun ways to bring colour to your child’s life, while also enhancing their learning.

Colourful and Creative Fine Motor Activities


Teach Preschool

Teach Preschool has loads of different activities you can tap into and is such a wonderful resource. Here are just a couple that might interest you:

Colourful fun with musical notes

You can combine music and colour with this easy activity.

Nature colour wheel

I LOVE this activity! It looks amazing and now is the right time to get it going, with our beautiful Adelaide Autumn weather.





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